Inox Electric Jacket w. Backzip Men Sabre


Sabre Men Electric
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Product information "Inox Electric Jacket w. Backzip Men Sabre"

Inox with backzip

Our top-selling electric jacket is equally popular among top-athletes, amateurs and beginners. It features a unique robustness and a considerably longer lifespan due to the outstanding quality of the Inox material, which prevents oxidation caused by moisture and sweat. This electric jackets represents highest German quality and excellent cost-performance ratio.

The backzip allows right- and left-handed fencers to wear the lamé. We especially developed this version of our Inox electric jacket for clubs that provide their beginners with fencing gear.

Age Group: Adults
Gender: Male
Product Category: Electric Jackets
Product Line: Inox
Weapon: Sabre


  • Electric Jacket Women Foil Size 38: ca. 0,3 kg
  • Electric Jacket Men Foil Size 50 ca.0,35 kg
  • Electric Jacket Women Sabre Size 38: ca. 0,54 kg
  • Electric Jacket Men Sabre Size 50: ca. 0,60 kg

Material composition

  • 45% Inox
  • 55% Polyester


  • 100% Polyester

Washing instructions:

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