Textile Fencing Piste Basic (conductive)
Our textile fencing piste Basic with rubber coating is easy to transport and install.  Just roll the piste out and fix it with tape at the end.Our fencing piste basic is FIE approved.

Textile Fencing Piste Ultrasonics (conductive)
Ultrasonics – the new generation of conductive textile fencing pistes Our allstar fencing piste Ultrasonics stands out due to its unique sandwich construction of three highly functional layers: conductive fabric on top, felt core for absortion and anti-slip PU coating. Ultrasonics textile pistes are joint-friendly and due to its light weight easy to transport and install.Ultrasonics fencing pistes are FIE approved. 

Aluminium Fencing Piste in Segments
Details on demand.

Price on request

Stainless Steel Piste (17x1,55m)
metal pist 17,00 x 1,55 m made of stainless steel, with marking and bordering