Founded in 1964 by Johanna Messemer and her son Roland, allstar rapidly became the leading producer of
fencing equipment. In 1965 we already equipped German and international fencers for the upcoming World
Championships and shortly after we became the official supplier of the German Olympic Team. When in
1978 over 95% of the World Championships’ finalists favored allstar equipment over other brands, we
realized that our hard work had paid off: allstar had become the No. 1 in fencing worldwide. Top fencers
from all over the world swear by the fencing gear with the characteristic red allstar label. Apart from
countless federations and fencers only trusting in our brand, allstar has been cooperating with the
International Fencing Federation (FIE) for over 15 years now, being their official partner and supplier.

What makes allstar so special and unrivaled? 

We have always been pioneers, steadily evolving, optimizing and innovating. Our products speak for highest
quality, epic performance and exclusive designs. We are constantly working on our service and products to
ensure that we are always able to offer the very best to our athletes. Our mission is to keep quality as high
as possible while keeping prices as low as possible for our clients, because fencing is the passion that
connects us all and motivates us every day.

What are our values?

Our company philosophy is based on 3 principles:

  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Service
Highest demands for quality and functionality were the reasons why allstar has immediately become a
synonym for superior fencing equipment. Especially top fencers appreciate our premium products, favor
them over anything else and place great trust in allstar. For us ‘Made in Germany’ is not just a slogan but
our ethos. Even today – in times of globalization and outsourcing – most allstar fencing equipment is still
made at our factory in Kusterdingen, Germany.

The history of allstar has marched to an innovative drum-beat: we produced the world’s very first elastic
fencing uniform. Fencers, used to heavy and uncomfortable canvas suits, experienced an unknown freedom
of movement for the very first time. This innovation has contributed great part to the dynamism of today’s
fencing. Other milestones consisted of the first protective fencing uniform as well as the very first
rollbag. allstar also set new standards for scoring devices. The world’s very first microprocessor controlled
and therefore upgradeable scoring machine (1981) as well as the first universal scoring box for all three
weapons (1987) were invented and produced by allstar and secured global market leadership. Over the
years allstar has become the leading supplier of fencing equipment for World Championships and Olympic
Games. Our latest high-tech scoring machine ProTouch – the very first and only scoring device with
touchscreen - proves that till today we are far ahead of our competitors.

From the very beginning, service was one of our top priorities. We quickly realized that mainstream sport
shops could not afford to stock specialized fencing equipment and more important, that they were lacking
expertise. This led to a revolutionary change: allstar established direct sales. This way fencing clubs could
be supplied competently and on better terms. At the same time, allstar presented a revolutionary new
distribution concept by creating a tournament service. Up to 10 tournaments each weekend are visited
by allstar and their distributors worldwide. At our allstar service booth customers have the opportunity to
purchase new fencing equipment, keep themselves updated about new products and rules and get their
defective equipment fixed in a few minutes and free of charge.

Since not everyone is a top-athlete, allstar offers the widest range of fencing equipment worldwide. A large
number of fencing bags, suits, masks and blades ensures that everyone finds the one product that perfectly
fits its needs. Beginner, amateur or professional – allstar is the leading manufacturer for fencing

Our three values - Quality, Innovation and Service - will keep determining our future actions to make sure
that allstar remains the Nr. 1 in fencing..