Predator Sabre Guard w. Socket (black, electr./insul.)
Predator - created for fighters The exclusive black sabre guard is an absolute must-have for the ambitious sabre fencer. The mat alloy of the Predator sabre guard is 20% stronger than the material used for the standard guards. The chemical procedure, which gives the guard its unique black color, hardens the material even more (10-15%). This makes the Predator guard the strongest allstar sabre guard of all times. Moreover the unique mat black finish is truly eye-catching.The black guard looks particularly awesome with our Black Predator BF Sabre Blade. Don´t forget to check out our weapon-configurator and configurate your dream sabre.  

Pole Shading Jack (Fencing w/o Sensor)
To change a foil inside guard socket to a sabre socket.